Eagerly awaited arrival from the post office!
Foam encased unit and plastics with quality checklist and English instructions in the top of the box
Removal of the top foam insert reveals the head unit, dash plastics, wire harnesses and adapters
The main stereo unit and its 10.2″ display are integrated into the center bezel plastics which replace the stock plastics making the unit look like it came from the factory
The top dash replacement tray comes loaded with all the units harnesses and adapters
All necessary harnesses and adapters for connection to a stock system are included as well as harnesses for a multitude of options
3 USB cables with sufficient length to route into the glovebox or cabin are included, A/V connections for aftermarket amplification, Auxiliary and Camera inputs, a FM radio antenna adapter and RF antennas for Wi-Fi and GPS are all included in the package.
To make the unit look like a factory option the mating dash panel on the drivers side is included and replaced in the installation