On my Restyle Unit Comparison page I outline easily comparable features and specifications of multiple popular Jeep Wrangler aftermarket head unit replacements.  While I focus primarily on “Restyle” systems with screens greater than 7 inches that require revised dash plastics I also include a couple of OEM fit units which come up commonly in forums or of which I have direct experience.  Below I’ll share some of my assessments and impressions of the primary contenders I evaluated:

  • Alpine:  A well known, well respected vendor I rate high in the quality and some of the support categories.  While I’d have no concerns around warranty and post-sales support the Alpine Restyle unit is essentially a closed system and by nature would likely see very little in the way of upgrades.  Other limitations which made it a non-starter for me was its high price and total lack of extensibility (apps and extended software features).  I have no doubt it’s a great unit and a nice feature upgrade from OEM head units.  The one unique feature it offered was an option to add control of vehicle lighting or relayed systems (lockers, etc) similar to an sPOD though I have no doubt it would be a pricy option.
  • Insane Audio:  My first head unit upgrade was Insane Jeep Audio’s marquis JK1001 product.  At approximately $1100 it was a pricey upgrade yet a disappointment in the quality and feature areas.  Their support and post-sales warranty service was great but the actual unit looked clearly like a reboxed Chinese sourced double-DIN model.  In fact I purchased a hardware equivalent off of Amazon for less than half the price to upgrade a friends Jeep and both had the exact same non-functional Amp turn on signal line…  In researching their newer JK2001 again they kept with the smaller double DIN ~6.2″ screen but backed it with the PX5 8 core architecture I’ll talk a bit more about later.  While Insane posts OS updates and bug fixes it was a huge disappointment to see that they’ve got a top-generation architecture on a stale Android 6.x operating system.
  • AIMTOM: As an Amazon posted product it seems to commonly come up in forums as a unit that people are citing for comparison.  Personally I wouldn’t touch that product as I can’t find hardly any specifications on the product or any information about the vendor and it’s commanding a fairly premium price…  It’s possible that it’s comparable to the Seicane and Dasaita though I’m certainly skeptical due to the lack of available online information about it.
  • Joying/XTRONS: Both vendors have been cited regularly but neither product line were really what I wanted.  Frustrated with the amplifier turn-on pop I had due to the issue cited above with my JK1001 I bought a Quad-core Android 6.0, 10.1″ screen Restyle unit from a vendor named TopNavi.  Once I stepped up to the large tablet screen I had no interest in considering units with the smaller screens.  If I was to pick one of these two vendors I’d definitely go with XTRONS as information about and specifications of their units are much more comprehensive.
  • Seicane:  Probably the most cited ‘Restyle’ vendor in Facebook Wrangler forums I included Seicane in my pre-purchase research.  Their products where very comparable to their Dasaita counterparts but there were a couple of factors that edged them out for me…
  • Dasaita / Hotaudio:  If you made it this far or have visited other parts of this site and you’ve probably surmised that my current vendor of choice is Dasaita (aka www.hot-audio.com).  Not only did I feel that their top of the line Wrangler unit HA2158-V840-8 had the best features, I communicated with them extensively as I was also shopping vendors that I’d be willing to rep for direct US sales.  Dasaita sells through a variety of channels (Alibaba/AliExpress, Amazon and Ebay).  For me one of the biggest selling factors for Dasaita was to see their contribution and participation in XDA-Development for the ongoing platform evolution and support of Android Head Units.