A common question I get his how I configured my Restyle units application launcher…  Many of the current Android 8.0 restyle units are now shipping with what’s called the ‘Blue UI’, likely named from it’s default launcher theme:

While the default launchers capture the basics needed from a car infotainment unit they can get fairly distracting as you hunt around in secondary pages or screens when wanting to perform more than the basic behaviors.  Free from the Google Play store is an app called CarWebGuru which a free Launcher replacement that allows for much greater desktop configurability.  One of the built-in free launchers called MediaBox allows you to configure your dash similar to the format below:

While I found this to be immensely more useful than the default launcher screen I began exploring CarWebGuru’s premium selections and found one that was even more powerful that allowed for many more configurable widgets all accessible from the main home screen:

The Launcher has many configurable Widgets and screen buttons or zones that can be custom configured and/or mapped as desired.  The Theme also includes some multi-function widgets (center circle) that on each screen tap rotate through different information displays.  The final photo of the green box highlights illustrates the configurable areas in the skin.

Once installed changing the launcher is simple: