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Comparisons, Reviews, Tips and Tricks for Dash 'Restyle' head units for the Jeep Wrangler


Thanks for stopping by Wrangler Restyle, a site dedicated to the analysis of multi-media, stereo and navigation head unit options for the Jeep Wrangler JK!  If you’re on the hunt for a new aftermarket stereo option you can jump straight to the Comparisons page and come back here later to review Tips, Tricks and Insights on one of the more popular Android models.

CarWebGuru Launcher Curve Theme

Since posting my first screenshot of my Head Unit launcher screen I've received repeated questions on where it's from, and how it's configured so I figured I'd summarize... First the Launcher is a great FREE app off the Google Play Store called CarWebGuru.  By itself...

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Brand/Vendor/Source impressions

On my Restyle Unit Comparison page I outline easily comparable features and specifications of multiple popular Jeep Wrangler aftermarket head unit replacements.  While I focus primarily on "Restyle" systems with screens greater than 7 inches that require revised dash...

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Netflix Installation on Android Units

When attempting to load the Play Store version of Netflix on your Automotive Android device you may see the message 'This App is not compatible with your device.'  Luckily Netflix provides and alternative installation option by providing a compatible APK based version...

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Product Purchase Philosophy

When I search for upgrades I'm known to extensively research products.  As I've shared the model I finally bought I've gotten repeated questions, comments, statements and arguments why I bought what I did or that some other model is better for...

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Android Launcher Change

A common question I get his how I configured my Restyle units application launcher...  Many of the current Android 8.0 restyle units are now shipping with what's called the 'Blue UI', likely named from it's default launcher theme:       While the default launchers...

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Default Music Player change to PowerAmp

The Dasaita PX5 Octacore Android 8 units come with several music player options and when you add the optional CarWebGuru Launcher mentioned in a previous Post you get even more but non as long-standing and powerful as PowerAmp! When used in conjunction with CarWebGuru...

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Dasaita PX5 Package Contents

The main stereo unit is integrated into replacement center dash plastics to give the system an OEM look! The rear view of the stereo unit shows the harness connection points and the system chassis On the top of the unit is a useful reference for the main connector...

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Dasaita PX5 Octacore Unboxing

Eagerly awaited arrival from the post office! Foam encased unit and plastics with quality checklist and English instructions in the top of the box Removal of the top foam insert reveals the head unit, dash plastics, wire harnesses and adapters The main stereo unit and...

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